Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"individual and unique designs in natural fibres!"

The magical amalgamation of natural fibres to create wearable designs began for me an inspiring journey into the world of fibre art.

With a background in fashion and a passion for colour, texture and design it was a natural progression for me to create wearable art pieces. Mother nature, in particular flowers, provide a never ending source of inspiration for my designs. Many years in the fashion industry taught me that women desire natural fibres against their skin. Sadly, recent years have seen a huge increase in the use of synthetic fabrics and I for one am happy to support the move back to natural fibres.

My designs are all original, handcrafted pieces that combine Australian merino with silk using traditional nuno felting techniques. All embellishments used are also natural fibres and include mohair, alpaca, hemp and cotton as well as beading in timber, coconut and glass. I hand dye all my fleece and silk making each piece completely unique. No two are the same.

The wraps come with brooches and can be worn in various ways to suit the occasion or the individual style of the wearer. My new ponchette designs can be worn as a garment or a scarf and all pieces are reversible.

To date my designs have been sold privately or through galleries and selected stores. My work is ever evolving as I seek new techniques and I look forward to adding new styles to my collection.

I endeavour to create pieces that are unique, beautiful and original. They are for those that appreciate art and choose to wear individual and unique designs in natural fibres.