Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hi all, it has been a while!!! I can not believe since I last posted here, I have sold house and purchased, ready to move to become a 'tree changer'!!! I am off to Cudal (near Orange) to set up camp on a 12 acre property residing in a 100 year old home. I can not wait to get my hands dirty refurbing the home and establishing gorgeous gardens on the surrounding land. After that, animals are on the agenda!! Chooks (for the eggs) as well as alpacas and angora goats, for the fleece!! The boys of course are counting on a puppy and kitten to go with the existing clan of 2 guinea pigs, one small dog and 2 goldfish!!

Life is indeed wonderful!!!!!!! Dubbo 'Craftalive' was informative and interesting, Canberra Handmade predictably wonderful and many forthcoming ventures are unfolding .......

I look forward to 'Mind, Body, Spirit" at Darling Harbour in late May. I can't wait to meet new prospects in the Central West, and anticipate fabulous and exciting continuing relationships with Two Birds Gallery at Towoon Bay, The Pear House at Holgate and Gosford Regional Gallery all here on the fabulous Central Coast!!!